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Exceptional Origins of our Coffee Beans


Indonesia – City of Kalossi: Our beans from Kalossi offer a delightful blend with chocolate undertones, complemented by hints of nutmeg and pepper. This full-bodied coffee is an indulgent treat with a remarkable aftertaste.


Colombia – Belen de Umbria: Our Colombian beans, harvested at 1510m in the Andes, provide bold, sweet, and smooth coffee with exceptional consistency and quality.


Brazil – Sul de Minas: From the family-owned Fazendo Passeio, our Brazilian beans delight with a sweet taste and hints of raspberries, ensuring environmental sustainability and quality.


Ecuador – Intag Valley: The Arabica beans from Intag Valley balance acidity, sweetness, and bitterness, resulting in a fruity and chocolatey coffee that embodies the essence of this remarkable land.

Anaiya Decaffinated Coffee Beans

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  • 100% Arabica and Organic

    Net weight- 500gm

    Brand- Ethical Bean Company

    Caffeine- Decaffeinated

    Roast level- Medium

    Package- Bag 


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